Van Diemen Quality Bulbs

VDQB is a mail order business based at the very beautiful area of Table Cape very near the town of Wynyard in the north west of Tasmania.


This is a specialist nursery supplying hostas. The nursery is located at 1044 Sheffield Road Lower Barrington. Mail order is available and visits to the nurswery are by appointment.


Places of Interest:


Tasmanian Copper and Metal Art Gallery  

The gallery and workshop is located in the township of Carrick in Northern Tasmania.

Tasmanian Aboretum

Located at Euganana, this 67 hectare park provides an opportunity for people to view trees planted out in their geographical regions. Well worth a visit.


Tasmazia is located on Staverton Road, just a few kms from Sheffield. Set within the village of Lower Crackpot, it has 8 mazes to test your patience and skill.


Tasmanian Cafes:


Through personal experience we recommend the following Tasmanian cafes.

Alchemy Cafe

Alchemy is located in the township of Forth. About a 15 minute drive from Ulverstone.

Blacksmith Gallery Cafe

The Blacksmith Gallery Cafe is located in the main street of Sheffield.

Located in the Launceston suburb of Kings Meadows

Hubert and Dan

Hubert and Dan are located in the main street of Longford. About a 20-25 minute drive from Launceston.


Plant Orders

Our main activity is mail order and this service is available from mid-April until the end of October.

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