Acer fabri

Acer fabri
Acer fabri

Acer fabri


Easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. .


Central and eastern China and Vietnam.


18 metres. Canopy around 5 metres.


It is important to note that this species is evergreen and unlike other evergreens, it does not drops leaves on a regular basis. Add a top dressing of a multi-purpose fertiliser around the drip line of the plant in late spring. No routine pruning is required, just remove any dead, damaged or crossing branches in late autumn or winter when they are fully dormant. New growth on some trees has more red coloration than on others, suggesting the possibility of selecting forms with more red coloration. Leaves reportedly age and fall when winter temperatures drop to below – 6 deg C. Accordingly, this maple is likely to be evergreen in most in Australian states and semi-evergreen after cold winters or in the cooler areas of its hardiness range.

Additional Information:

This evergreen species is named in honour of the German physician and botanist Phillip Conrad Fabricius (1714-1774). It is unlike the maples familiar to most people, as it does not have the typical three- or five-lobed leaves. Instead, the leaves are unlobed, slender, and very glossy.


Sourcing is difficult. Either purchase direct from Yamina or ask your local garden centre to purchase it on your behalf.


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January 23, 2018