Alstroemeria Hookeri

Alstroemeria Hookeri

Some Alstroemeria species can be a little frost tender, but this can be managed by insulating the roots with mulch. However, most are easily grown in any sunny position with moderately fertile well-drained soil that can be kept moist during the flowering season.

Care should be exercised when handling cut stems, as the sap can cause skin irritations.

The genus was named by Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778) to honor his close friend, Claus von Alstroemer, a Swedish baron.

Chile, on shorelines in the central valley and coastal range between Coronel and just north of Los Vilos. (Central Chile)

A dwarf species that bears up to 6 rayed umbels, each with 1 to 3 pink flowers. The inner tepals have yellow flashes and are streaked with purple.

This species was named for English botanist Dr. Joseph Hooker.


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January 22, 2018