Clematis cirrhosa var. balearica

Clematis cirrhosa var. balearica


A plant for an open position in soil that is not specific, except of course those with a heavy clay component.


Western Mediterranean region, primarily the Balearic, Corsica and Sardinia islands.

Hardy to:

-12 deg C


It does not require pruning. If the spread of the plant needs to be restricted prune immediately after flowering, cutting back overlong shoots to healthy buds. Flowers are creamy white with sparse red markings and appear in early spring and continue right through until autumn.


Regular feeding during the growing season and summer months with a long term blood and bone and sulphate of potash mix (10:1) + foliar feeding using for example Powerfeed or a mix of Powerfeed and seaweed solution (3:1).


Fern-like foliage with multiple stems climbing to about 3 metres. In colder district than Launceston, foliage may take on a red tinge. Flowers have a lemon scent.

Historical Background:

It was introduced from Minorca in 1783.


Generally ignored by the nursery trade in favour of the hybrid Clematis cirhossa purpurascens “Freckles”. Raithby will have a small number available in 2017. Clematis cirhossa purpurascens “Freckles” is available from the nursery.


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January 23, 2018