Clematis heracleifolia

Clematis heracleifolia


Suitable for a filtered light or full sun position in light to medium soils loamy soil.


Central and eastern China and parts of southern Mongolia

Hardy to:

-30 deg C


This is a non climbing or sub shrub species and as such if not pruned after flowering will become quite bare of foliage and flowers around the bottom half of the plant. Very similar to what happens to a lavender if left unpruned.


Regular feeding during the growing season and summer months with a long term blood and bone and sulphate of potash mix (10:1) + foliar feeding using for example Powerfeed or a mix of Powerfeed and seaweed solution (3:1).


A non climbing or sub shrub species reaching a height of around 1.2 metres. In spring it produces narrow tubular blue flowers.

Historical Background:

The species was introduced in 1837. The shape of the foliage is where it gets its name from. “Folia” for the leaves and “heraclei” for their resemblance to Heracleum, otherwise known as the cow-parsnip. Bit of a stretch but that’s it.




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January 23, 2018