Clematis ladakhiana

Clematis ladakhiana


This species requires an open airy position in full sun. Soil is not is not critical as long as it does not get water logged during its period of dormancy (winter).


North west India, (the Ladakh) and into southern Tibet.

Hardy to:

-17 deg C


Flowers on current season’s growth from mid-summer. Prune to ground level in late winter. Flowers are yellow/golden with masses of tiny reddish speckles.


Occasional feeding during the growing season and summer months with a long term blood and bone and sulphate of potash mix (10:1) + foliar feeding using for example Powerfeed or a mix of Powerfeed and seaweed solution (3:1).


A scrambling deciduous species to about 3 metres. Stems pale green with new growth reddish. Leaves are narrow lanceolate and quite pointed.


Still conducting research into this species


Posted on

January 23, 2018