Clematis petriei x marmoraria (Perfection ™)

Clematis petriei x marmoraria (Perfection ™)


Full sun in moist soil. Will tolerate different soil types but does best in ones that are lime rich; which lends itself to be cultivated in a large tub where the ph can be controlled.


A low growing shrub with small white flowers with lime green centres that cover the plant from early spring.refers a sunny well drained position. It will tolerate coastal conditions and is frost tolerant. Prune after flowering.


Slow release fertiliser

Showy white flowers bloom in spring against saw-toothed green leaves. A full, mounding vine that reaches approximately 50cm tall and wide.


Clematis  petriei x marmoraria Perfection ™ is protected under Trademark legislation. It was developed in New Zealand and released in 2002. As the name suggests it from a union of two New Zealand species Clematis petriei and Clematis marmoraria. Clematis petriei is named after Scottish born botantist Donald Petrie and C. marmoraria, which was only discovered in 1973 and is confined to the South Island in Kahurangi National Park was described and named by NZ botanist Dr. B.V. Sneddon.


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January 23, 2018