Clematis viorna

Clematis viorna


In the wild it grows along the edges of woodlands or on the banks of streams.In gardens the soil needs to be moist duri


Eastern USA, including the states of Georgia, Moussouri and Mississippi, Indiana, southern Ohio, southern Pennsylvania and Delaware

Hardy to:

-20 deg C


In gardens in south eastern Australia it is likely to be herbaceous. If any stems are left standing after the winter, they can be cut to the ground, for all the flowering will come on the new wood. Flowers are urn shaped pink to deep blue in colour and thick or leathery.


Regular feeding during the growing season and summer months with a long term blood and bone and sulphate of potash mix (10:1) + foliar feeding using for example Powerfeed or a mix of Powerfeed and seaweed solution (3:1).


This summer blooming herbaceous perennial vine bears many deep to pale pink, blushed with yellow, urn-shaped flowers borne above attractive gray-green foliage. Filtered shade and moist to well-drained, neutral soils afford the best conditions for it to thrive. Though slow growing as a young plant, once established this vine will easily cover an area 3mx 2m


This species was intoduced to Britian way back in 1730.


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January 23, 2018