Herbertia lahue

Herbertia lahue

Named in honour of William Herbert (1778-1847) Dean of Manchester University in England and a distinguished botanist specialising in bulbous plants. Herbertia consists of 8 accepted species. One of them is native to southeastern + south-central United States, while the others are distributed in South America. The genus is closely related to Alophia, Cypella, and Tigridia. They have short-lived iris-shaped blue or violet flowers with three large outer obovate tepals and three comparatively much smaller oblanceolate inner ones.

Description and Distribution:
Grasslands and savannahs of southeastern North America from western Florida to Texas, inland to Central and East Texas. Separate populations in southern South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil). It prefers full sun, neutral to alkaline well drained soils and is dormant in summer.

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January 23, 2018