Herbertia platensis

Herbertia platensis

Named in honour of William Herbert (1778-1847) Dean of Manchester University in England and a distinguished botanist specialising in bulbous plants. Herbertia consists of 8 accepted species. One of them is native to southeastern + south-central United States, while the others are distributed in South America. The genus is closely related to Alophia, Cypella, and Tigridia. They have short-lived iris-shaped blue or violet flowers with three large outer obovate tepals and three comparatively much smaller oblanceolate inner ones.

Description and Distribution:
From Argentina in South America. Grow in full sun in very friable soil and mulch with gravel. Plant corms 5 and 8cm deep. Keep moist during spring and summer, then allow to dry out. Provide protection from excessive winter rain.

A small number from our nursery and from any large buld supplier.


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January 23, 2018