Iris bucharica

Iris bucharica

Most references indicate it is best grown in full sun. However for us, we positioned it in light shade under the branches of a birch.  It grows in slightly alkaline soil that has good drainage.

Description and Distribution:
Iris bucharica is named after the central asian city of Bukhara in Uzbekistan, just north of the northern border of Afghanistan. It grows to a height of around 40cm and has shiny olive green foliage. The flower stem has 5-7 flowers from the leaf axils in mid to late Spring. flowers are a golden yellow, with standards either white or cream.

This is Juno iris and was described in 1902 by Sir Michael Foster (1836 – 1907), an English professor of physiology with a passion for irises. He began breeding and collecting irises in the 1880’s and was responsible for some of the pioneering work in establishing the boundaries of various hybrid groups. He did not travel to collect plants but had correspondents who sent him plants.

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January 23, 2018