Iris graeberiana

Iris graeberiana

Best in a trough or rockery and given protection from from excess summer rain.

Description and Distribution:
Approximately 20cm tall as flowering starts, extending to twice this. Leaves are lustrous green above, greyish beneath with a whitish edge. Flowers appear in spring and are blue, but sometimes a purple tint will appear. The falls have a wavy white crest surrounded by a pale, boldly veined zone. Our plants have been grown from seed collected in Turkestan. However, it also can be found in Tajikistan and other central asian countries.

Original collection was undertaken by Paul Graebner. (Full name Karl Otto Robert Peter Paul Graebner) Graebner was German botanist, florist, plant geographer, Professor of Botanical Gardens and Museum in Berlin-Dahlem

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January 23, 2018