Iris sintenisii

Iris sintenisii

A semi woodland species in the wild but quite adaptable on any well-drained soil, in sun or semi shade, and without too much competition.

Description and Distribution
A dwarf species to a height of 30cm.

Named after Paul Sintensis (1847-1907) was a German pharmacist and botanist from Seidenberg, Niederschlesien who studied pharmacy in Breslau (1877-1879). He initially collected in the Dobrudscha area of Romania and Bulgaria (1872-1876) with his brother M.B.G. Sintenis, before collecting in Cyprus (1880) with G. Rigo and the Silesia region (1881-1887) with A. Toepffer. Sintenis collected in the Caribbean before turning attention to Asia Minor and perhaps his best-known series of expeditions partly made with J.F.N. Bornmüller.

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January 23, 2018