Iris tenax

Iris tenax

Open or lightly shaded sites in moist soil. Once the clup is established “normal ” seasonal rainfall will be sufficient.

Description and Distribution:
A dwarf species (30cm) from Washington and Oregon states. Flower can vary a fair bit depending upon where seed is sourced. For example seed collected from plants in the Cascades are generally purple and lavender; from  southwest Washington and northwest Oregon are usually mauve and pink.

This iris was first described in 1825 by botanical explorer David Douglas (1799-1834) during his journey in the Pacific Northwest. It was named by British botanist John Lindley, from David Douglas’ notes that local Indians used the tough (“tenax”) leaf fibers as strong cordage to make nets, rope and snares.

Display only. A small amount will be available from our nursery in 2017.


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January 23, 2018