Lilium kushi maya

Lilium kushi maya

Description and Backround:
Filtered light  or afternoon shade is preferable and they will tolerate more shade in warmer climates. Best grown in compost rich soils that drain really well. The tall stems may require staking and should be protected from hot winds. Flowers have a very nice scent. Bulbs can be lifted and separated in late autumn if necessary.

“Kushi Maya,” is a name given to female Nepalese children, it’s English translation is Happy Love.”  This hybrid is the first cross between a Lilium Nepalese and an Oriental Lilium (Lilium x auratum x speciosum). Using the latest scientific techniques, master Lily breeder, Arie Pederse, successfully crossed the temperamental Nepalese Lily with a fragrant and strong growing, white Oriental.

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January 23, 2018