Lilium sargentiae

Lilium sargentiae

If only we had more space to grow many liliums. Perhaps the garden needs a mezzanine floor.  Such a structure would solve most of our space problems… and grow more liliums.

There are plenty of online resources in relation to the selection and cultivation of species and hybrid liliums. You can also go retro by obtaining relatively cheap books on the subjects. In view of this our general comments will be brief.

Lliliums need a well-drained location with at least half a day of sunshine. If it’s too shady, the stems will stretch and lean towards the sun; trumpet lilies (regales) are the most shade sensitive. Lilies love full sun, as long as the bulbs are deep enough to keep cool when temperatures soar. Good air circulation and spacing of the plants will control disease. If you do see brown spots on the leaves, use any fungicide recommended for roses.

Description and Distribution:
This species grows to 1.5 metres tall, with funnel-shaped, fragrant flowers. It is native to Sichuan Province in China where it grows in gravelly soils in full sun. Well suited to long hot summers and cold winters.

This species is named for the wife of Charles Sprague Sargent Director of the Arnold Arboretum and for a time Director of the Botanic Garden in Cambridge. E. H Wilson collected this species on an expedition in 1903 in the valley of the Tung River in Sichuan. American botanical collector Steve Hootman (Director and Curator- Species Rhododendron Foundation) also collected this species from NE Yunnan China being first time recorded in that province.

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January 23, 2018