Rosa roxburghii

Rosa roxburghii


A species rose from Western China often referred to as the ‘chestnut rose’. Flowers are double and lilac pink.


Introduced into Britain  by James Colvill before 1825 as  ‘Rosa microphylla Roxb. ex Lindl. synonym’. James Colvill (1746 – 1822) established his nursery around the early 1780s. It was called Colvill & Son after 1807. His son James junior (1777 -1832) continued the business until 1834. Colvill & Son specialised in exotic plants, including in later years a number of Australian natives.

This rose was initially named Rosa microphylla by Dr. Roxburgh in 1820, but because the French botanist Defontaines had previously applied the name ‘microphylla’ to an unrelated European species in 1798. The name was then changed in 1823 by Austrian botanist Trattinnick.


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January 23, 2018