Rose blackboy

Rose blackboy

We are not rose experts and to provide information of our experiences would clearly be a case of setting ourselves up to fail or to be ridiculed… most likely both. All Australian states and territories have groups for rose enthusiasts. Of course your local garden centre/nursery are good sources for the ins and outs of growing roses.

Here is a link to the Australian Rose Society, which also has links to various state based organisations –


Crimson, dark brown shading.  Moderate fragrance.  Very large, semi-double to double, borne mostly solitary, in small clusters, cupped bloom form.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season.  Long, pointed buds.

Bred by:

Bred by Alister Clark before 1918 and introduced by E. W. Hackett Ltd in 1919 as ‘Black Boy’. Mr Clark released 122 roses between 1912 and his death in 1949. There is the Alister Clark Memorial Rose Garden at Bulla in Victoria and the St. Kilda Botanic Garden also has a memorial garden with plantings of Alister Clark roses. We have been to the St. Kilda rose garden and it is spectacular. (Refer to Raithby Plants Facebook post 21st November 2015)


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January 23, 2018