Rose cardinal richelieu

Rose cardinal richelieu


Gallica hybrid. Mauve or purple blend.  None to mild fragrance and blooms once during spring or summer.


The rose is named after Armand Jean de Plessis He was in 1585 in Richelieu, Poitou, France and went on to become Cardinal de Richelieu. Known also as The Red Eminence, the Cardinal served as minister to Louis XIII from 1624 to 1642. He died in Paris 4 December 1642. Some sources credit this rose to Van Sian, in Holland, who gave it to Laffay to introduce in France. However, Francois Joyaux, in his definitive book La Rose de France, says the breeder was actually Louis Parmentier in Belgium.

An interesting point is that reference is made to this rose as being the starting point of genetic engineering to produce a blue rose.


Not an off the shelf item, it would need to be ordered from your local garden centre.


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January 23, 2018