Rose charles de mills

Rose charles de mills


This rose has very similar charactoristics to the Gallicas. Flowers are crimson and red. Strong fragrance. Once-blooming spring or summer. Stems are almost thornless. Height 1.5 metres. It will develop suckers, so best to give it a little extra space. It is disease resistant. Prune after flowering is finished.  Prune lightly until this rose gets established (about two years), then prune it back by about a third.  This rose blooms on old wood.


In looking at the origin of this rose the only thing we can be certain about is that it was named after Charles de Mills, Director of the East India Company in the late 1780s.

It appears that nothing concrete has been discovered regarding its origin. From our reading it appears likely that ‘ Charles de Mills’ was once known by a different name which has become blurred by generations of distortion. The thought it that this rose may have originated in Germany named ‘Charles Wills’ and was subsequently renamed ‘Charles de Mills’ upon arrival in France.


Not an off the shelf item, it would need to be ordered from your local garden centre.


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January 23, 2018