Rose veilchenblau

Rose veilchenblau

We are not rose experts and to provide information of our experiences would clearly be a case of setting ourselves up to fail or to be ridiculed… most likely both. All Australian states and territories have groups for rose enthusiasts. Of course your local garden centre/nursery are good sources for the ins and outs of growing roses.

Here is a link to the Australian Rose Society, which also has links to various state based organisations –


Climber, Hybrid Multiflora, Polyantha, Cl., Rambler.  Violet, white streaks, stripes, flecks, white center, yellow stamens.  Moderate, green apple, lily of the valley fragrance.  Small, semi-double (9-16 petals), cluster-flowered, in large clusters, cupped-to-flat bloom form.  Once-blooming spring or summer. The name Veilchenblau is a combination of two words “Veilch”-violet “blau” blue. The breeder was searching for the elusive blue flowered rose.

Bred by:

The cultivar was bred by German Herman Kiese in 1909. Its parents are the red hybrid multiflora ‘Crimson Rambler’ (Japan, before 1893) and the mauve hybrid setigera ‘Souvenir de Brod’ (Geschwind, 1884). It was introduced by Johann Christoph Schmidt from Erfurt, where Kiese had been employed until he started his own nursery in 1904.


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January 23, 2018